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Description Of Work: 
Originally, was only having them remove one large pine tree that was threatening my house, but after seeing what a good job they were doing, I kept finding more items needing their attention, from cutting down several smaller trees, limbing large trees, clearing brush etc.

Member Comments: 
Can't say enough good things about this company.  I was so pleased with their progress on the original nerve-wracking project, I added many others.  Fortunately, their schedule permitted additional time, so they complied willingly and cheerfully, and by the time I let them out of here, my rather large, wooded and brushy lot looked great!  Nice, like-able fellows who are knowledgeable, efficient and hardworking and they made sure the considerable cleanup was done well.  I pretty much doubled the original project "on the fly," and still felt the cost was more than fair.  I highly recommend Cutting Edge Tree Service!!
May 2, 2013

Description Of Work: 
In preparation for installing solar cells on our winery, we needed to remove a pair of large redwoods that were shading the roof.  I obtained four estimates to fell the trees..  The base 
diameter of each was about six feet.  The height was about 50 feet.  The estimates ranged from $5600 
(four days) to $1800 (one day).

Member Comments: 
I went with the low bid and am very 
pleased with the work performed..  It took one day to clear all the 
limbs and the remaining "sticks" were felled the following morning.  
Eric and his crew did an excellent job chipping the debris which was 
trucked to another part of our property to be used as mulch.  We 
requested that he save the larger limbs fur us to cut into firewood.  
The job entailed felling the tree into several lengths to avoid damage 
to our driveway and fence line.
As noted above, we are quite happy with the work and plan to have Eric perform more work in the future.
March 20, 2013

Description Of Work: 
Cut down two large pine trees, removed, Grinded stumps. Thinned 2 large elm trees overdue with arborist approach. Removed small apple tree. Thinned and removed branches from plum tree.

Member Comments: 
Excellent. Work quality excellent. Committed time frame. Prefer arborist to make trees look good.
October 12, 2013

Description Of Work: 
Erik Removed four 40' to 60'  trees, trimmed a large branch off another, ground half a dozen stumps, chipped all the branches, and cut everything into correct-sized logs.

Member Comments: 
Erik and his assistant were very professional - the work was done as promised and on schedule. He has extensive knowledge of local tree types and their pests/diseases. He's also able to do just about anything, cutting things to the correct size, grinding stumps, chipping, trimming, landscape work, etc. One stop shopping, and a trustworthy company. Highly recommended.
December 31, 2012

Finally We Found Them!

Finally We Found Them!

We bought our home in Trinidad in 1976. It is our pride and Joy and a constant work in progress! We have had EVERY tree crew out here since, once we found Cutting Edge, WE WILL NOT HAVE ANOTHER! 

They are everything that you look for in a tree company... Beautifully balanced thorough work, immaculate clean up, knowledge of several species of trees and prices that were fair.

I have referred them to several of my neighbors, in fact Cutting Edge has done work for 3 of them already, if you ask them they say the same... They are our tree guys!

Great guys, true professionals! Thank you Cutting Edge!

Thank You for your interest!

"Everybody has their own kind of genius, if you told a fish to climb a tree he would spend his whole life thinking he was stupid."
"-Albert Einstein"

 Contact Information:

Phone: (707) 601- 8169


Owner: Erik W. Tjossem

ISA Certified Arborist # WE-8897A

Contractor License # 971141
100% Insured

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Eureka, Mckinleyville, Arcata, Trinidad, Willow Creek, Fortuna,
Scotia, Garberville,
Blue Lake, Fieldbrook, Carlotta and Beyond!
Cutting Edge Tree has a dynamic canopy of specialties. Anything from dangerous removals, perfect pruning, cabling, to hazard assessment and disease identification. 

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