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Fine Pruning and Proper Tree Trimming

     Proper Pruning is a vital part of responsible tree care. The ISA has established specific guidelines for pruning that we follow (being ISA certified is unique to Cutting Edge Tree Service). These techniques improve a tree's health, beauty and longevity.
Depending on what you need -and the target tree- our pruning may include any of the following steps: 
  • Correct any previous poor pruning
  • Judiciously remove crossing branches
  • Remove deadwood
  • Reduce the crown to alter the tree's  height (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH TOPPING)
  • Carefully thin tree to create more light 
  • Raise the crown to provide more space under the tree
  • Thin the tree carefully to create more light and air flow

     Some cannot be climbed with spurs (most hard woods and ornamentals) and others will flat out die if cared for incorrectly. On average no more than 20-35% of a tree can be removed through pruning. Especially an older tree, they are more susceptible to shock through too heavy pruning.
With such broad spectrums of tree care, it takes a delicate hand and even an artistic mind.  
Lets face it , we have all driven down the street and seen a corpse of a tree gone wrong and said to yourself..."what were they thinking?"
We will not hack your tree or leave anybody in tears...
100% Satisfaction guaranteed!

"TOO much ego will kill your talent."

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Phone: (707) 601- 8169


For Trees That Please!

Because you only get one chance to get a tree right!

Owner Erik W. Tjossem

ISA Certified Arborist # WE-8897A
Contractor License # 971141
Licensed Timber Operator License # A-11180
100 % Insured

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For Trees That Please!

Trusted Professionals

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Eureka CA., Mckinleyville Ca., Arcata Ca. , Trinidad Ca., Willow Creek Ca., Fortuna Ca.,
Scotia Ca., Garberville Ca.,
Blue Lake Ca., Fieldbrook Ca., Carlotta Ca., and Beyond!

Cutting Edge Tree Service and Solutions
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Cutting Edge Tree Service is currently the only tree service in Humboldt County California that has a Certified Arborist as well as a Licensed Timber Operator. We promise high quality tree work serving Eureka Ca., Arcata Ca., Trinidad Ca.,Mckinleyville Ca.,Fortuna Ca. and beyond!
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