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Below: Before and After
Certified Arborist Erik Tjossem lifted and thinned this large Redwood. Helping the homeowner avoid removal and achieve more sunlight.

Benefits of Tree Work

Protecting, Maintaining and Increasing Your Property Value:

Tree work can dramatically increase the nominal and aesthetic values of a home or property. Considering some of our trees on the North Coast can live well over 500 years, we take a reverent approach to tree care; working carefully to protect the legacy we are leaving to our children.
 When tree work is not done properly; unhealthy, unsightly trees will be the result. This can increase need for corrective tree work in the future and not to mention be an eyesore for years to come. 
If you're looking for more sunshine, let us explore the options of letting in some light without cutting your tree down. Have your work done by an ISA Certifed, Skilled Professional that will listen to your specific needs and offer Cutting Edge Solutions to maximize the beauty, safety, and value of your home or property.

Schedule Your Free Estimate and Consultation by a Certified Arborist

We are pleased to give you a free estimate so you know exactly what the cost will be before your work will be executed. An ISA certified Arborist will personally provide you with information about which tree solution will BEST SUIT YOU. We will never sell you a service you don't need. We also provide payment plans to meet your budget needs. As a local family owned business we want to make tree work accessible to everyone.

"Is there anything else in the world that is worse than loosing your eyesight? YES, loosing your VISION."

For Trees That Please!

Owner Erik W. Tjossem

ISA Certified Arborist # WE-8897A
Contractor # 971141
licensed Timber Operator License # A-11180
100% Insured

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  We offer payments plans and we accept:

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