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Tree Tips
Ask Your Arborist:
Erik Tjossem ISA Certified Arborist # 8897A

I know it is still summer but Fall will be here before we know it!


  • Heavy winds stress tree branches and sometimes cause them to fracture and ultimately fail.
  • Preventive pruning and trimming in the fall can lower the risk of catastrophic damage when the next wind storm hits.
  • A skilled arborist can lighten and reduce the length of heavy branches, remove hazardous deadwood and cable or brace weak crotches to prepare your trees for winter weather.


  • Fall fertilization is beneficial for promoting root growth rather than leaf growth. It enables the trees to store up reserves and be ready for healthy growth the following spring.
  • Installing a layer of mulch around the root zones of each tree help control temperature extremes and minimize moisture loss. Be sure to leave space between the tree trunk and mulch. (See our Free wood chips page.)


  • Evaluate trees for weaknesses that can be susceptible to winter weather.
  • Have a "no cost" inspection of your trees by Erik Tjossem Owner of Cutting Edge Tree Service, who is a locally experienced Certified Arborist (one of the few in Humboldt County).
  • Remove fallen leaves from beneath disease susceptible trees and shrubs.
  • Prune disease infected limbs when dormant, eliminating further infection.
  • Contain heavy ends on limbs that act like "sails" in the wind.
    Protect plants susceptible to winter injury with anti-desiccants or cover with a breathable raw type material.
  • Install temporary or permanent rope or cable in trees like  Big Leaf Maples, which are susceptible to large stem failure.
  • Prune overgrown plants in late winter so plants will recover quickly in spring with new growth. This will also minimize the negative aesthetic issues that can be associated with rejuvenating plants.

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 Owner Erik W. Tjossem 
ISA Certified Arborist # WE-8897A
Contractor License #971141
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(707) 601-8169

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Trusted Professionals


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Cutting Edge Tree Service is currently the only tree service in Humboldt County California that has a Certified Arborist as well as a Licensed Timber Operator. We promise high quality tree work serving Eureka Ca., Arcata Ca., Trinidad Ca.,Mckinleyville Ca.,Fortuna Ca. and beyond!
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